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Kim and JIm Heep are family owned and operated. We are committed to providing case products not just for pedal steel guitarists, but all musicians from beginners to professionals across the world. We also can personalize something for you with our laser engraving machine. Furthermore, customer service being an equal top priority. 



Has studied under Jeff Newman, Paul Franklin Jr., Buddy Emmons, Bud Hall, Carlton Day and Stewart Heep. A seasoned player and does NOT limit himself to one genre. Tries to treat people like he wants to be treated.  Has played many different venues (including the Ryman and The Grand Ole Opry) and sessions over his 34+ years total of playing pedal steel. Also, he is the first/only Pedal Steel Guitar player ever to play in India (Mumbia, Goa) and Columbo, Sri Lanka. Which is an honor in itself! Currently plays for the Bellamy Brothers. 

Ask about our custom foam cutting service on each case. 
We also can get several types of cases for your other gear. Just ask what you are looking for.

We are committed to giving you a keepsake to your specifications when it comes to laser engraving needs. Whether it be a tumbler with your child's sport number or your great grandmother's recipe on a cutting board in her handwriting. Even a photo memory on a wide array of products.

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